Since the introduction of PD-171 into the market in 2011, which has been highly admired as an analog player that delivers the temperature sense and atmosphere sense of sound put into a phonograph record, and now the longed-for armless type has arrived. Highly evaluated physical characteristics of PD-171 such as high-rigid main chassis and heavy turntable securing stable rotation are inherited, and the mechanisms of the motor, drive circuit, and bearing section have been improved for further accuracy. PD-171AL is an analog player, and an audio component that the user can customize to allow for enjoying sound change. Setting PD-171AL to an armless type allows the user to appreciate analog reproduction more deeply. This sentence is written to express the image of letter entry and has nothing to do with the contents of the catalog.

Technische Details

Item Value
Drive System Belt drive system
Motor Reaction and AC synchronous motor
Platter 30cm machined alminum plate (weigh 5.0kg)
Rotation 331/3rpm, 45rpm (2 speeds selectable)
Dimensions 492 (W) × 140(up to top face of platter),
195 (with dust cover mounted) (H)×
407 (10mm of fittings on rear face included) (D) mm
Power source 230V~ (50Hz)