Substituting cartridges and tone arms according to musical genre and artist enables the enjoyment of different sound. The PD-171AL is an armless type analog player that evokes the true pleasure of genuine analog playback . We brushed up the PD-171 design and chose a chrome plated, gloss finished brass arm base plate compatible with separately available SME, SAEC, FR or Ortofon optional tone arms. lt adds a brilliance to the tone arms the listener may have been carefully collecting in order to enjoy high-quality analog playback at its best.

Technische Details

Item Value
Drive System Belt drive system
Motor Reaction AC synchronous motor
Motor power supply Quartz oscillation amplifier
Revolution 33 1/3rpm, 45rpm (2 speeds selectable)
Revolution adjustment range ±5%
Wow and flutter 0.04% (WR.M.S.) or less
Weight 23.8 kg