The PD-171A is a bell drive analog player with a universal type tone arm, phono cables, and a head shell attached, following the basic design of the armless PD-171 AL. Also drawing from our PD – 171 model with it’s tough material quality, we improved many components such as the motor, drive circuitry, bearings etc, in order to achieve more stable analog playback. Moreover, with it’s new the tone arm , the listener can experience truly satisfying analog reproduction.

Technische Details

Item Value
Drive System Belt drive system
Motor Reaction AC synchronous motor
Motor power supply: Quartz oscillation amplifier
Revolution 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm (2 speeds selectable)
Revolution adjustment range ±5%
Wow and flutter 0.04% (WRM.S.) or less
Weight 5.0kg (platter)
Type Static balanced, S shaped
Bearing Single point cross suspension
Effective length 229mm
Overhang 15mm
Tracking error angle +1.9° to -1.1°
Suitable cartridge weight 4 to 12g (including head shell 17 to 25g
Adjustable height range 38 to 60mm
Anti-skating bias 0 to 3g
Power consumption 38W
Dimensions 492 (W) x 140 (up to top face of platter) x 195 (including dust cover) (H) x 407 (D) mm
Weight 25.4kg