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The M-700u significantly improves the distortion characteristics and S/N performance of our the flagship model, the M-900u, while pursuing LUXMAN’s power amplifier development philosophy, realizing high drivability and dense sound quality. This model inherits a quadruple parallel push-pull drive section and our latest version 4.0 ODNF system and 3-stage Darlington circuitry. In addition, complete output linearity from 120W at 8Ω to instantaneous maximum of 840W at 1Ω fully brings out the true characteristics of any pair of quality speakers. This new generation of stereo power amplifiers combine rich musical expression and high power without damaging the dynamics of music.

Technische Detail

Item Value
Rated output 120W+120W (8Ω) / Stereo, 210W+210W (4Ω) / Stereo, 420W (8Ω) / Monaural
Maximum power output 840W+840W (1Ω) / Stereo, 1680W (2Ω) / Monaural
Input sensitivity 1.1V / 120W (8Ω)
Input impedance LINE 51kΩ, BAL LINE 34kΩ
Total harmonic distortion 0.009% or less (1 kHz/ 8Ω)
0.1 % or less (20Hz to 20kHz / 8Ω)
Frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz (+O, -0.1dB), 1Hz to 130kHz (+O, -3dB)
S/N ratio 115dB
Power consumption 370W, 110W (no signal), 0.4W (at standby)
Dimenions 440 (W) x 190 (H) x 427 (D) mm
Weight 27.5kg