The E-250 allows the listener to fine tune settings for any recorded performance, releasing the expression engraved in the grooves of vinyl discs and creating a hitherto unknown musical impression. The rear panel is equipped with an impedance selector and a load capacity selector to match the characteristics of the selected cartridge, exploiting the output to its full potential. The E-250 features a step up transformer with a 2 stage gain sector with independent left and right circuits. The super permalloy core supports even low impedance MC cartridges. This creates a rich and expressive musicality that is a unique characteristic of this type of transformer.

Technische Details

Item Value
Circuiting system NF type equalizer (RIAA)
Input sensitivity MM: 3.2mV / 34kΩ, 47kΩ, 56kΩ, 100kΩ (switchable)
MC high 0.37mV / 40Ω, MC low 0.12mv / 2.5Ω
Gain MM 38dB, MC high 57dB, MC low 66dB
Output voltage / impedance 250mV/300Ω
S/N ratio MM 90dB, MC high 83dB, MC low 80dB
Power consumption 7W
Dimensions 364(W) x 81(H) x 274(D) mm
Weight 4.3kg