As the successor to the D-38u, a long-selling product since it’s launch in 2009, the D-380, in it’s traditional wooden case, has evolved, featuring a switching function which can select either solid state or vacuum tube output circuitry.The ECC82-loaded vacuum tube output stage is equipped with a large output transformer and dedicated buffer circuitry. For the digital circuitry, newly introduced Texas Instruments jitter reduction ICs have been introduced. The core processors are Texas Instruments 32bit compatible PCM5102A DAC chips. Furthermore, by improving the drive mechanism and the chassis structure, we improved the basic mechanical performance as a dedicated CD player, while acquiring a density of expression unique to a vacuum tube output stage.

Technische Detail

Item Value
Supported media CD
Analog output LINE x 1
Digital output Coaxial x 1, Optical x 1
Output voltage / impedance Solid state 2.1V / 300Ω
Vacuum tube 2.4V / 300Ω
Frequency response Solid state 20Hz to 20kHz (+O, -0.2dB)
Vacuum tube 20Hz to 20kHz (+0.1, -0.3dB)
Total harmonic distortion Solid state 0.005%
Vacuum tube 0.8%
S/N Solid state 115dB, Vacuum tube 105dB
Power consumption 16W
Dimensions 440 (W) x 167 (H) x 286 (D) mm
Weight 10.8kg